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*Note to all speakers: please email me right away if you do not see your talk, or there is a problem


We still have space for the symposium registration. please email Hugh soon, as we have to give final numbers to catering.

Abstract submission is now closed We have filled all spaces, but if you still want to present please email Hugh and we will try to accommodate you.

The Metabarcoding course is now full, but email us and will try to accommodate you.

Early bird registration ends 8 November. Go to this link, or head to the registration page for more information.

Conference Dinner

We will be having a conference dinner on the evening of the 26th (first day of symposium). There is no extra cost. It will be included in the registration fee.

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Meeting Overview

The Otago eDNA Research Group at the University of Otago will be hosting a meeting to bring together researchers at all levels to discuss research on metabarcoding and environmental DNA. Invited speakers from across Australia and New Zealand will present their research. We will soon open the site to receive abstracts for anyone interested in sharing their research. As well, a course on new bioinformatic methods in metabarcoding will be taught on the last day. This event is scheduled for 25-28th of November, 2019.

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meeting is to catch up on aspects of environmental DNA, focusing on metabarcoding and metagenomic methods. We hope this will be a good opportunity for students from New Zealand and Australia to catch up on the latest developments, meet with leaders in the field, and also to present their own research. We are currently planning eight sessions of talks spread over two days, with each led by an experienced researcher.

Registration Information

Registration and abstract submission are now open. Go this link to register and for accommodation information:

eDNA Workshop Registration Page